Our Principles

We want to contribute towards leading the development aspirations and achievements of the communities we assist through partnering with them in addressing the multi-dimensional challenges they face to maximise the success of the work done.

Our goal is to build sustainable, thriving rural communities through our unique principles:


Focusing on upliftment and sustainable development in the key LSAs of Anglo American Platinum


Remaining an independent entity from Anglo American Platinum, government and other institutions


Maintain a sustainable structure to deliver on an integrated benefits model in identified areas


Empowering the local communities through appropriate representative structures


Sustainability of the labour sending communities beyond the life of the mine

Our Strategy

Zenzele Itereleng has moved away from just distributing its dividends as grants and redefined and enlarged its mandate to that of a development facilitator. This multi stakeholder strategy has longevity creating sustainable impact in the lifecycle of communities. Partnerships with like-minded organisations are pivotal and central to the process of building thriving communities as they increase capacity and reach.

ZI has realised this is a mandate that cannot be achieved single handedly but requires partnerships with like-minded organisations to increase capacity and reach. This will be achieved through the following development levers:

  • Strategic Social Investment

  • Resource Mobilisation

  • Lobbying and Advocacy.